Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Another Day

Today has just been one of those days......
Bowling was just too much fun last night, NOT, I just will never know why I say yes to doing things that I know I will get tired of before it is over. I am on this bowling league and I am not a bowler, believe me, but it sounded fun when they asked and now I have to go every week till May. Last night I had an 80, 134, 100. I am such a bad bowler. The people pleasing part of me said yes, once again. That is just one of my many character defects that I need to work on.
Well I am not full of words of encouragement or inspiration today. Just too tired and locked into tunnel vision most of the day. Hope everyone had a great day.


Evan Williams said... boys got beat...but i said last night before the game whoever wins it will not be a blow out and no one will win by 10 points and thats what happened.

lisa said...

oh my - don't even get me started on bowling! i have family members that occasionally like to go, and i always regret it! you mentioned your scores, so i don't have to tell you what i usually get - but believe me when i say, i am worse than you are!! (i know you probably don't believe me, but i promise i am!)

you don't always have to be full of encouragement and words of wisdom either. we don't always feel like "faking it." sometimes our thoughts aren't pure, but we have to work at it, in the hope we'll get there.

here's wishing a great weekend for you. (o;

byhisgracealone said...

speaking of NY it's snowing..YAY !!! I write lots of poetry, but not rhyme...LOL

have a blessed weekend..God loves you !!