Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nate and the haircut

Today I decided to cut my 4 year olds hair. He had hair down to his nose and could not see out. I am a nurse by trade and should know better than to try and cut this kids hair, but I thought "How hard can it be?" I read the instructions on the clippers that I bought at Walmart and I did exactly what it said, and it didn't turn out like the picture. It will grow back and he does not seem to mind. He said it made him run faster as he swished out of the kitchen with a towel covered with his hair as his cape.


Stacie said...

Nate thinks he is famous
Stac. Ann

Kathy said...

Hey Stacie,

I followed our dear mutual friend over here from her blog. Glad I did too.

These first months as a new believer in Jesus are full of adventure and excitement, as well as challenges. I'm sure you've already begun to experience these new challenges.

What a blessing to have the online blog family for support and encouragement. Especially, how fortunate to have Neva as your special friend. She is somethin' else, isn't she?!?!?!?

Just wanted to offer myself as another of your new sisters-in-Him. It's thrilling to walk with new members of God's wonderful, world-wide family. Soooo, here I am when you need me.

In the Light of His love, grace and mercy


Stacie said...

Thanks for commenting, do you have a blog? I have found so many from Neva's site that are very cool. Yes she is somethin, can't wait till next friday.

Kathy said...

Yes, Stacie, I do have a wee blog. Nothing as profound nor as prolific as Neva's but as things come to mind, I scribble. ;)

If you click on my underlined name, it will take you right to my blog. btw - that holds true for anyone visiting your blog or any other one, for that matter. Any name that is underlined can be clicked on to go to their site.

I'd be thrilled to have you visit and drop a note as you feel like it.

Praying for you, dear new sister-in-Him!!


Kathy said...

oops! That didn't work here. Soooo, here's my addy


lisa said...

Cute! I have a Nate too. Really, though, he's only Nate at school when he has to write his name all the time and "Nathan" is too long. (o;

My 3 boys' have hair that's growing out a bit now, but during the summer, we cut their hair as short as your Nate's. They & their Daddy like it. I like it longer.

By the way, I often go to church services by myself with my kids -- I understand the hassle & frustration of getting them all ready & to the building, and then not having the greatest attitude while I'm there. I'm glad you discovered that a few minutes of prayer in the morning can make a HUGE difference!!