Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Red Chart Cemetery

I work for Hospice and when someone dies we move all the paperwork into a red chart. Due to procrastination and lots of deaths lately my office looks like a red chart cemetery. I have to admit that is not an original thought, someone said that when they walked into my office the other day. Why am I blogging about this, well I am not real sure. Sometimes posts just take off in strange directions. I read the blogs of several of Neva's friends and they are always (well almost always) very inspirational and spiritual. To the readers of this blog, I do not have the knowledge base to quote scripture, and I usually don't say a lot of things to inspire. I am learning everyday and maybe someday words of wisdom will flow, but I doubt it.
I found it odd that one blog I read today was talking about funerals, we have had so many lately, two back to back this week. I wish it was against the rules to have grave side services when it is cold and windy. I am trying to get well by Friday so I can go on a trip to see my friend and the cold wind is not helping!! Well enough of this rambling today, gota get to the red charts so the paper work can be laid to rest like the patients that they represent.


Neva said...

I think your blog is very inspirational and encouraging.

love ya and see ya soon

ps--this is my second attempt to post this comment, if it comes through twice please delete one of them.

Kathy said...

I find your blog to be fresh and most enjoyable. We 'old in the faith' need you new babes in Him to blow the cobwebs out of our heads, helping us remember how it was when first we began following our beloved Savior.

Chuck Swindoll said something a few years back that is a case in point. Love this guy and listen to his radio program as much as possible.

"I love to hear new Christians pray. It is so beautiful and then WE get hold of them to 'teach' them how to pray, and we spoil it all."

You are a treasure to read, so keep on keepin'! :)