Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eternal Consequences

Wow I didn't realize that I had a soap box subject, but this morning I read the post from yesterday and I guess that is mine. The way people treat each other is a very big deal to me, now more than ever. I was thinking..... Wouldn't it be true that when someone is treated badly in church or by church members outside the walls of the church it can have eternal consequences. If you hurt someone and drive them away from the church family, especially before they come to know Jesus as their savior, you may be personally responsible for them spending eternity in Hell. That may sound harsh and may be completely wrong, but from this brand new baby in Christ it is what makes sense to me. One example that is running through my mind is the Sunday afternoon phone call to spread a little juicy gossip that is always started with "I am not supposed to tell anyone this, but" or "Guess what I just heard" or "Now don't repeat this, but" Why is that such a appealing thing for humans to do? I am just as guilty as the next person, but now my conscience is awake and very aware that what I was doing was wrong. I have been on the giving and receiving end of those phone calls and many times the subject. Do you really think that stuff does not get right back to the person you are talking about, especially in a small town, or small congregation. I don't want to participate in tearing people apart ever again. I will pray that the hearts of others will be pricked and their conscience awakened as mine has been and maybe we can all just love each other the way God loves us.
What do you think?



Stacie - a few years ago I was approached and told that I needed to know that one of the deacons was having an affair with another woman.

I asked her if she knew if it was true or not. She said that just what she'd been told. I immediatly approached the deacon and learned it was just a rumor. So I asked the person who told me, "Who told you this?" She told me and I called them and said, "Where did you hear it?" I began to ask people where they heard it from trying to trace it back to the original person. I was wanting to explain to them the pain and hurt they can cause by passing on things like this.

It was amazing to see how many people in the little community were SO uncomfortable with me calling them saying, "I know you told so-in-so, where did you hear it?"

I actually made a few people mad, but I stopped the rumor and possibly some eternal consequences.

Evan Williams said...

Stacie- thank you for your comment and i look forward to start reading your blog...although im not sure if i know you or not do I? should i feel bad that i don't.

Monalea said...

Dear sweet friend,

You have such wisdom from a new babe. I loved the pic of your precious boy and his excellent hair cut.

Love you 2-3-6,


lisa said...

The worst for me, as far as gossip is concerned, is getting together for a girls' night out. Even when I think and pray ahead of time about avoiding the inevitable gossip ... well, that's why it's called "inevitable," I guess. In fact, I just got trapped by it last night! It is a really hard trap to get out of, and like Monalea said, you are so wise to be aware of it -- that's definitely an advantage to learning how to avoid it. I'll be praying for you and the people you know who are hurting others with gossip.

Neva said...

You know that I also share that same soapbox, we as Christians have got to learn that "words matter".

Love you

Evan Williams said...

Im not saying i haven't done it but i know realize that a rumor proves nothing but the fact that you cant face the problem you have with that person and that you can lie...which I struggle w/ and am working on.rumors only hurt people and sometimes..or most of the time will come back on you.

Evan Williams said...

you need to check out my newest post it has a question on there that i don't quite know the answer to.