Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Cat and the Tahoe

Have you ever had to call the help line phone number for OnStar? Well I have. I had gone bowling with my league buddies last night and I had a phone call from my husband to report that somehow my car keys (both sets) were locked in my car. I told him we would call the dealership in the morning or something to get it unlocked. Then he said we had another problem, my cat was locked in the car. Well that was a problem, I had just had my car detailed the day before and well there was no litter box in the car. When I got home around 1030pm we started making calls. I called OnStar and they actually have a place on their recorded message that says: If you have a child or pet locked inside your car press 1. I did and they could not open the car because our service contract was not renewed. I didn't renew it because my kids kept pushing the blue button to talk to the lady. We tried to open the doors and I even shined a flash light on the button that opens the car and the cat would paw at it, but he was not heavy enough to trigger the unlock button. He was meowing his head off and wanted out, and to tell you the truth I was ready to break a window. Finally we called our local police department and they came out and opened the door in about 5 minutes flat. Now PJ (the cat) will not go near my car and we are getting another set of keys made. What a mess.... It is funny today, but it was not funny at all last night.


Neva said...

Okay I confess, it was kinda funny to me last night, too!



6 more days, 6 more days

Stacie said...

How do you get 6 days?
Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/and Fri 1/2 if I stay here that long!!! Who knows daylight may come on Friday and I split...

Neva said...

Okay so I am not counting tomorrow because it is almost here. :) and I am not counting the Friday you get here, so Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday--6more days, 6 more days, :)


Stacie said...

OK Now I get it. The boys and I read the story of Ruth (from the bible story book) and Patrick said "That is the girl from the song with Daniel" He prayed about the smoking again. He just figured out the other day that I am not smoking, he is so happy.

Neva said...

Me, too!
Ned called, he is three hours away, sleeping in a motel owned by a church of Christ lady who has two little shih tzu puppies and gave him a cut rate on the room.
How cool is God?

Stacie said...

Pretty Cool!!!
I found the coolest blog from one of your comments, By His Grace Alone. Very inspirational...
I have got to go to bed
Love Ya,