Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stuck on Something

Have you ever just gotten stuck on some very minor detail from the Bible and you just can't (won't) let it go. Well that is where I am at. I am not going into what that detail is because most of the people that read this would probably think that it is ridiculous. I did find out that Revelations is not the place to go for answers. The bible is not like most books with kind of a wrap up at the end. That is what I did in school, read the first and last chapters and sorta skim the middle and do just fine. Not a good idea. Well that is where I am today. Just stuck.....


NB said...

I don't think it's ridiculous at all. I know exactly what you mean.

The bible can be very confusing. That's when I try to grab someone and say, "Help." Unfortunately, sometimes I get people who react poorly. Either they act shocked/surprised that I don't understand, or they act tired of having to explain things that seem so simple to them and so complicated to me. It gets very frustrating!!!

Have you ever listened to Casting Crowns "Somewhere in the Middle"?

nb said...

Sorry.I didn't realize how negative I sounded until I re-read my last comment.

Let me also say that I have found a lot of people who are willing to answer questions without judgement and they have been very helpful!

Stacie said...

I listen to that song all the time. Love it!!!

Monalea said...

Hang in there Stacie......God will open the doors to your heart so you can see Him.