Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sassie Girl

This is my new baby "Sassie Girl" She is just the sweetest little thing. I put my cell phone up next to her to show how little she is. Today she wasn't feeling very well, but tonight she is eating and playing again after she got some medicine. The entire family loves her. Even DAD!!!
I attended the funeral of one of my patients today, which is not new, but this one made me sad. Some patients just touch your heart more than others. She was a very special lady with a wonderful family. It was nice to come home and snuggle with Sassie. Have a great weekend everyone.


donna said...

how cute !!!
blessings to you

Evan Williams said...

is that a teacup yorkie

Monalea said...

Stacie, she is so tiny and precious. If I were there I would snuggle her close. I'm glad you have someone to share your hugs with. I'm sorry about your sorrow.