Friday, March 6, 2009

Return and begin again

Well it sure has been a long time!!! Life has been moving forward at a rapid pace, as life always does. Jeremy is in Korea and will be there a month. The other 3 boys are doing good. Dusty hit a cow the other night and messed up his car, but he and his friends were ok. There was another car that hit the same cow right after him and they flipped end over end and landed in a pasture. They were not so lucky, they flew the driver to Amarillo via helocopter and took 4 small kids to the Dumas hospital. Work is busy and I am back to looking for another nurse. I had one for 6 weeks and she was great, but she was not able to stay. I am getting back in to the recovery mode and have been trying some new meetings in surrounding towns. It gets kind of stale after a while when all you have are the same 3 or so people all the time. Well just a quick post before work.

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