Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trip to Kentucky

Kylee and I had a great trip visiting Jeremy in Kentucky and being there for his graduation from Basic training!!! We were able to take him off base for the weekend. It was so hard leaving him again, but he has 6 more weeks of AIT (advanced individual training) and then he gets to come home for a little while. It may be a week and it could be up to a month depending on what the Army decides... We found out that he will be stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia for up to 6 months before he ships out for deployment in Iraq, but that seems to change everytime we get a letter. The one thing that I have learned about the Army is that you can expect them to change their mind at least 5 times before every step along the way!!! Jeremy looked great and he is so much different now. He lost 15 pounds in basic training and he didn't have 15 to lose. He is so respectful and grown up now. The next time I get to see him will be Oct. 2 when he has his graduation from AIT.
The other 3 kids are doing great, school start Monday and Nate is starting kindergarden. The summer flew by so fast, where does the time go???

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Anonymous said...

He didn't have 15lbs to loose. He'll probably get that back in muscle. Glad you had a good time. October will be here before you know it!
See ya in about a month!
Brenda W.