Monday, March 3, 2008

5 random bits of info

Well here are the 5 random things about me:

1) I love the smell of the air conditioner when you first turn it on.

2) When I was pregnant with my 4th son I craved strawberry applesauce and mustard sardines and lived on them for about 3 months, it was the only thing I could keep down. Now if I buy either my husband freaks out.

3) I have this weird phone thing, lots of time I will have someone on my mind and the phone will ring and it is them, and sometimes I pick up the phone to call them and they have just called and it never rang.

4) I am petrified of wasps, bee, and anything that flies and stings. They make me squeal like a little girl.

5) Last summer I played in the World Series of Poker ladies event in Las Vegas.

Can't get much more random than these 5 bits of info, thanks for the TAG Mommysmart, it was fun.

Everyone is well in our house finally!!! We just got home from Nebraska last night, just ahead of the snow. Things are still busy at work. Glenn has been gone for a week to Vegas and should be home sometime Tues. Sassie is doing great, she went to visit Neva with us and she is even more spoiled now. I will have to take some more pictures soon. Have a great week...


lisa said...

Just sayin' hi!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Glad I caught your post! Hope everything is going great! We are still in the Dallas area. Planning on coming home by mid April! Getting lots done for the wedding!
Brenda W.


Are you serious about the #5? Wow! Too cool!

donna said...

Haven't been by in quite a while...Pray all is well