Sunday, October 28, 2007

Compromise is the golden ticket

Well I get to keep the Blog, as long as it is not viewable by the whole world. Nice compromise I think. I know my hubby is just looking out for me, but sometimes it is a little overboard. Just glad I didn't have to delete the blog for now.


Monalea said...

Stacie, my husband has been concerned also about the blog world. At first I was a little insulted, and then I thought, "I should be flattered, he's cares."

I feel honored that I got an invitation!


Stacie said...

My husband is the IT guy at work as well as the Radiology Director for our Hospital and he is just paranoid sometimes. I am glad that I included you on the invite list.

nedwcooper said...

Men are strange to say the least. It is so good that they have US to bring some sort of normalcy into their lives! teehee!

nev a

Neva said...

Sorry, Ned pulled up your blog on his account. Some of your comments are from me.