Sunday, October 28, 2007

Change is never easy

I am one of those people who despises change. I don't care if the change is good or bad I just don't like it. Today was Ned and Neva's last day at the church in Spearman and it was a sad day. His sermon was great, hope the ones that needed to hear it were listening. It was on UNITY something this town has a hard time with, especially if you are from the outside world. There is going to be a great deal of change in my little world real quick and as usual I will be drug kicking and screaming in to whatever God has planned. I am sure not accustomed to relying on God and that will take some practice for me, but I bet it beats the alternative, trying to do everything all on my own. I may not have this blog very long due to the objection of someone I love and respect, but it was cool while I have it. We will see.....


Monalea said...

I'm not too good at change either. Everytime there is change in my life I mimic a house plant that has been repotted; my leaves turn yellow and fall off and I look like I'm not going to make it for about 8 months, then I put on new leaves and I do great. I hope you do the same.

I lived in Perryton when I was little and we went to church in Spearman. When I was 3 and we lived in Perryton I got my little finger and my ring finger on my left hand cut off. They were able to save my ring finger but I lost my little pinky. I was checking out a lawn mower blade that was running and I wanted to see how sharp it was sharp.


Stacie said...

I can understand how the house plant feels and I hope it does not take 8 months. That is really cool that you lived in Perryton. We moved to Spearman 10 years ago from Hereford where I was born and raised.

nedwcooper said...

Very few of us truly like change however if we don't change, we die!! Change is better than decaying and dying.

And like I always say . . . closeness has nothing at all to do with physical proximity!

PS. Stacie, I DO keep in touch with my friends, just ask Monalea. :)